Recycling abrasives

Recycling spent abrasives

We have had equipment for recycling spent abrasives since 2019. This is a compact and automatic RAMS system, which contains a dryer and RAMS 2 spent abrasive separator and RAMS V3 separator.

This is automatic equipment for continuous operation with minimal requirements in terms of operator intervention using electricity to dry abrasive. The mixture prepared in the RAMS V3 separator is dosed in a precise manner into an electrical drying furnace. The vapour and residual fines are exhausted from the furnace through an industrial filtration unit. After it leaves the furnace, the dry abrasive passes through a vibration separator that removes the larger grains formed during the drying process (the recycled fraction up to MESH 120 in size). The finished, dry product is ready for immediate reuse for high pressure water jet abrasive cutting technology.

The recycled material may be ordered for CZK 7,800 per tonne (excluding VAT).

For pick-up, we are disposing of used Australian abrasive suitable for recycling.

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