Education our employees

As part of our educational activities in our effort to constantly train our employees, we have joined the "Educate Yourself for Growth" project. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment. The project is designed to support employers, employees and job seekers.

We focus on our employees' education

In 2014, ten employees of VN machinery s.r.o. participated in the "CNC Machine Operation" training course. Course graduates are familiar with the principles of CNC machines and are able to operate machine tools independently. They know the machining technology and the creation of manufacturing processes to choose the right tool for machining.

Then in 2015 they took part in the educational activity "CAD/CAM technology software GibbsCAM for Pinnacle VMC1100S machine, FANUC 0iMC control system".

Course graduates were trained in the GibbsCAM personalized CAD/CAM software for application on the Pinnacle VMC1100S with the FANUC 0iMC control system, and are all able to handle production preparation using the GibbsCAm technology software with its functionality, capabilities and special features.

Then in 2015 two employees completed a training course in "Service and maintenance of high-pressure water cutting equipment from PTV spol. s.r.o., including software and occupational safety training".

Another training activity in 2015 was in the context of training in the information system "Warehouse processes in connection with production control within the framework of the VR business system". Ten employees took part in this project to better understand the internal links between these agendas. They are now able to implement routine day-to-day operations more efficiently as well as more complex specific assignments, especially in the field of TPV and manufacturing management.

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